From 30 September till 7 October 2015 WHYOO Team spent a week in Nuremberg, Germany with a lot of activities.
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We are happy to share with you that we spent a week fulfilled with traveling, adventures, food, drinks, laughing, photo shooting, sightseeing and a lot of fun. We were thrilled from the Old Town of Nuremberg and we didn’t get enough to take pictures of us with all the historical and touristic buildings. We also enjoyed in going out for dinner and drinks and meet a new way of living and culture. We spent one day at FachPack Fair 2015 and after that we enjoyed in traditional dinner.

Also to not forget to mention that we were cooking every day for us and that was the best time when we were learning something new about each other. For some of us the most excited day was the day when we were on Zip Line Adventure and for the others the days when we were out for drinks and shopping. We had also a team building training together with grill and drinks.

On this Bootcamp also we decided that voziloo it’s going to be our new project and that week was the week when we started working on it. So despite the fun we had also work to do.
We are a team that is always for travelling and visiting new places or taking adventures but most of all we are an ambitious and enthusiastic team that works hard together.

If you want to be part from this team check the open positions we have and apply!