What we believe in?
Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple. It usually relates to the burden which a thing puts on someone trying to explain or understand it. Something which is easy to understand or explain is simple, in contrast to something complicated.. Passion is our drive, ambition and the love of what we do and who we serve. It provides us with a very special view of the world that others often don’t see. Passion is really what we believe in!
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Buy and sell your vehicle online


There is a lack of professional website for vehicles in Macedonia. That was the reason why we decided to develop new and sophisticated application where everyone can announce his care fore sale in-front of  massive audience.


We put our marketing and development in one room, put all the ideas together and create one really interesting solution. We are now in development. The product is coming soon and it will be a solution that every car lover will be satisfied with.

  • voziloo

  • vozilooo

All vehicles at one place

Advanced sales tools

24/7 availability

Advanced marketing options


What is voziloo?

On voziloo, buyers can find new and used cars as well as motorcycles, trucks and motorhomes. Users who advertise their vehicle for sale have contact to customers across Macedonia and beyond. voziloo’s extensive choice and reach guarantee will be a balance between supply and demand making it possible to ensure excellent sales results. voziloo will not be involved at any stage in the purchase or sale of the vehicle.

The company’s services will aimed at professional car dealers and private customers. voziloo will offer its customers a reliable search tool for buying and selling vehicles. From the outset, user friendliness has always been a top priority when developing the product: a clear structure and simple navigation allow sellers to quickly and easily place advertisements with up to twelve photos in the database. Potential buyers can limit search results by setting individual preferences and like this obtain customized offers with just a few clicks.

voziloo’s extensive database will quickly provide customers with an overview of the market and information about prices, giving them a good basis for fair negotiations.

Functions and features?

It has never been easier. We have developed easy-to-use tools, all designed to give better experience:.

  • Online shop
  • Intelligent search
  • Product description templates
  • Security options
  • Comments and ratings
  • 2 language translation
  • Selling tools
  • History
  • Shop management
  • Data management
  •  and many more.


Coming soon